Kochi aims at economic activation by social games

This is not only Japan, but the economic conditions of the current local government are the worst. Some towns and villages fail. On the other hand, there are the local governments aiming at economic activation with IT power. Kochi Prefecture is one of them. They hold a social game development contest for people of the prefecture and releases winning prize works in GREE. They already extend to 5 works. Kochi and GREE perform the pre-registration acceptance of the latest mobile social game "Cross Fantasia".

The interesting point of the social game development contest of Kochi Prefecture is that there is no restriction. Amateur, indies, elderly people, Kids, etc... anyone can apply for it. How about coding knowledge? Not necessary. They can apply only by artwork and a scenario. The scenario which a junior high student wrote has been really adopted. Based on those fragmentary winning prize works, Kochi orders game development from local companies. Well, this is a local economy activity policy.

Originally Kochi was the prefecture that produced many Manga artists and musicians. This social game development contest will be the policy that not only the economy but also the personnel training put in the field of vision. If own works is adopted for a social game at the time of a junior high student? The kids will continue making works all the time.

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