[TGS 2013]Arcade rhythm game that Aomori fights with Hokkaido "Aomo-rhythm"

Visitors do not pay attention there, but overflow in fantastic games of students in the game school area. It's "Aomo-rhythm" of Kanagawa Institute of Technology to have been the strangest in them.

Because it was too original, they became the topic in Twitter, and the booth was prosperous very much.

Aomo-rhythm looks like an usual arcade rhythm game at a glance. However, the concept is individual. This is "Aomori beats up Hokkaido"

Aomori and Hokkaido are prefectures in northern Japan both. However, Hokkaido is much bigger than Aomori. At first, Students devised a game to greatly raise Aomori. Well, this should have become the upbringing game first.

However, a certain student said that peninsulas of Hokkaido and Aomori are like the arm. They are surely characteristic form. The imagination of students spread from there and It finally became the concept that peninsulas fight :D

Beginning of the game, Hokkaido hurl their special products and strike Aomori.

Aomori defends it to rhythm. By the way, BGM of the game is a musical accompaniment of famous summer festival of Aomori "Nebuta".

Hokkaido fights against Aomori intensely. Bone was fitted in peninsulas and worked  smoothly.

Oh! The peninsula of Hokkaido became the fist! :D

However, Aomori won! The area of Hokkaido becomes narrow by the number that we tapped a button to rhythm exactly.

This is developed by Unity. I wish that this becomes the game application for smartphones.

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