DeNA releases a new running game for mobile. The title is "Hungry Bird"

It's not Angry, is "Hungry".

DeNA announced that they released a new running game for mobile. The title is very unique. This is "Angry Yoshida-kun and Hungry Bird". You would already notice. This is parody.

Who is Yoshida-kun? He is a character of Japanese popular Flush anime cartoon series Eagle Talon.

Eagle Talon performed a lot of media mix development until now. Mobile social games are kind of them. Various games about Eagle Talon have been developed so far. They had a common point. It is "parody". Eagle Talon keeps parody mind in what kind of works. Therefore this time, naturally they had their eyes on a Finnish game! :)

The contents of the game are action games of the horizontal scrolling. What is Hungry Bird? We do not yet understand it.

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