Legendary rock band KISS appears for not only Tokyo but also a SEGA's mobile game

Now, Legendary rock band KISS in TOkyo for some of shows.

They seem to enjoy business in Japan.

Furthermore, they appear for not only real Tokyo but also social game apps for smartphones of SEGA "Demon Tribe".

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News Flash: Legendary rock band KISS cooperates with SEGA's mobile social game

In games, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are such figures.

Players can operate them as one's daemon.

Furthermore, the refection item of KISS Bun comes up, too.

CircleK-Sunkus of the convenience store sells a tie-up steamed bun of KISS. This is a collaboration item with it.

If I remember correctly, this is the first example that KISS cooperates with a game. Surely, they make efforts in the Japanese market.

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