[TGS 2013] The indie game that was the coolest in Tokyo Game Show 2013 "TENGAMI"

Indies game area was the coolest in this Tokyo Game Show. Furthermore, TENGAMI was the coolest among them.

TENGAMI is an ambitious adventure game of British indies developer Nyamyam. The characteristic is the beautiful artwork which reproduced feel of a material and pop-up book of a delicate Japanese paper.

In Toyko Game Show, we were able to play the demo version of the sea and the forest.

When we open the book on the writing desk …

The start screen of the game is displayed. What beautiful! pop-up book is completely reproduced in iPad!

In TENGAMI, to advance in the next scene becomes the demystification. A device of pop-up book is hidden in each scene. We fold the scene and open it and move to the next scene. It is a novel experience.

Furthermore, this expresses Japan exactly. Usually, most of games about Japan are strange funnily. They do not understand Japanese culture, and it is not unusual for Japan, China, Korea to be mixed. However, artwork and BGM of TENGAMI are completely cool. Because the development team is constructed by a Japanese and a British8Japanese team in Okinawa). The indies game development beyond the border is still rare in Japan.

TENGAMI is released for iOS, Mac, PC and Wii U. I look forward to the release of this game. Please check this video.

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