DeNA publishes a credit card of social game platform Mobage

Probably this is a social game industry's first example. DeNA publishes a credit card of their social game platform Mobage. The name is "MOBAGE CARD".

MOBAGE CARD is a credit card for Mobage users 20 years or older, and the annual convention costs of the first year are free(Annual convention costs of 1,312 yen are necessary after the next year). Usually, When we use the credit card, some percent of use amount of money is paid cash back. However, it's paid in virtual currency Moba Coins in MOBAGE CARD. Moba Coin is virtual currency of Mobage and used in various social games. Furthermore, virtual goods of social games are offered to users as a privilege of the credit card in future, too. This is a new trial to put a credit card, a virtual currency and virtual goods together. In addition, VISA, overseas travel insurance and shopping insurance are attached to this.

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