Poker+Collection+Card Battle+Famous Anime "Fujiko Mine: Battle Poker"

In Japan, it is popular to add something to card battle social games. They are puzzles, poker and a rhythm game etc... After a hit of Puzzle & Dragons, this tendency was strengthened. Japanese animation production company TMS ENTERTAINMENT was carried on this fashion , and released Web browser game for PCs "Fujiko Mine -battle poker-" in Yahoo! Mobage.

 This is a Poker battle RPG about their cool anime "Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine"(Wikipedia[En]). It is experimental anime released last year, and got a lot of best values.

Players steal into various halls with Fujiko Mine(She is a skilled thief), and steal treasure. It resembles an RPG having an adventure in dungeon. In addition, such thief game was popular with the Japanese social games dawns(ex: DeNA's Kaito Royale :怪盗ロワイヤル).

And players fight against enemies with poker. This resembles a card battle, but players need the knowledge of poker hands.

Players can get new cards whenever they play the scene. Whenever cards increase, it becomes easy to take out a good poker hand.

Furthermore, there is the element collecting treasure. The collection is the element which is important in Japanese social games.

In addition, naturally there is Gacha and...

There is the synthetic and reinforcement of the card, too.

Players can do other players and poker battle.

All of characteristic and elements of Japanese social games are packed this with. However, it is not complicated. Furthermore, BGM is very cool!(Naruyoshi Kikuchi of the jazz musician is in charge of it) However, unfortunately this is only Japanese support.

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