[TGS 2013]The goods of Kan Colle were extreme popularity on the business day

The many game goods are sold in Tokyo Game Show and we can buy them even business day. In many goods, simulation game for PC "Kan Colle" was particularly popular.

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Battleships of the Japanese empire navy are personified as girls in a social game
"Kan Colle" --- simulation game that personified battleships of the Japanese empire navy as girls

Only people who belong to the game industry and press can enter the business day of Tokyo Game Show. Nevertheless...

Sold out, Sold out, Sold out... The goods of Kan Colle were sold out from opening in only 10 minutes! Now, It is difficult to distinguish a general gamer from people belonging to the game industry.

Interestingly, Kan Colle does not get profit by the charging in the game. There are the virtual goods sale, but they are small sums very much and there isn't Gacha. However, Kan Colle earn by various real goods. This business model is right similar to Angry Birds and Nameko Saibai Kit.

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