Even tanks become cute girls in Japan

I wrote it about simulation game Kan Colle which personified battleships of the Japanese empire navy of WW II to cute girls.

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Battleships of the Japanese empire navy are personified as girls in a social game
"Kan Colle" --- simulation game that personified battleships of the Japanese empire navy as girls

It is very popular now. However, Japanese game developer Polka Dot develops the smartphone game that personified tanks of WW II to cute girls. The title is "Battle Tank Girls". Surprisingly this is developed by the team of only 3 people. Furthermore, they collected development funds in crowd funding.

Battle Tank Girls is a battle simulation game for smartphonrs(native apps). Tanks of the nations which participated in WW II appear for the game. What many characters! All tanks become the different kinds of cute and sexy girls.

At first, they collected development funds with the goal of 100,000 yen in Japanese crowd funding site CAMPFIRE. However, it was accomplished in no time. Furthermore, they have already collected more than 900,000 yen to remain for another 32 days until the deadline. It is 9 times of the aim! and probably it exceeds 1M yen.

They use this for advertising costs mainly. Now, the advertising costs are increasing in the Japanese social game industry, and it is important. Battle Tank Girls made a good start.

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