Japanese popular mobile apps character Nameko becomes the Anime at last

This business model may resemble Angry Birds. However, in Japan, Nameko raises profit in extreme popularity than Angry Birds.

Developer of "Nameko Saibai Kit" series Beeworks and their goods sale company Furyu announced that they released a long piece Anime of Nameko "Nameko Family(なめこ家の一族)" on December 20. Interesting one is in release form. They sell DVD of 2,940yen(about 30USD) suddenly. Furthermore, it has been already decided that it is released to three volumes in future.

This is general business model of the  anime called OVA(Original Video Anime) in Japan. OVA are not shown in a movie theater and not broadcasted on TV. They are made only for sale from the first. They have many experimental works because they do not need to mind broadcast rating.

"Nameko Family" is an experimental work, too. It expresses a nostalgic Japanese lifestyle(Showa period). Furthermore, Nameko do not talk at all. This is very rare in the Japanimation. Because voice actors are very popular in Japan, and their performance is an important popular element in Anime.

On the other hand, a lot of cute motions of Naneko and music are expressed in Nameko Family. This is semi-silent anime. Reservation acceptance has already begun in Amazon.co.jp.

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